Measure of Activity Performance of the Hand Questionnaire

British MAP-Hand


Developed in the Norway, the Measure of Activity Performance of the Hand (MAP-Hand) assesses 18 activities performed using the hands. It was developed for people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) using patient generated items, which are scored on a 0–3 scale and summarised into a total score range (0 to 54). We have developed and psychometrically tested the British English MAP-Hand in a UK population of people with RA. Our findings revealed that the British English version of the MAP-Hand has good validity and reliability in people with RA and can be used in both research and clinical practice.

The British English MAP-Hand is a brief, valid and reliable measure of hand activity performance, which can be completed in an average of 2 minutes by people with RA. Due to its ease of use and precision it is an ideal questionnaire to utilise in busy clinical environments, such as the NHS outpatient rheumatology and hand therapy clinics. As a psychometrically robust measure, it can be used to evaluate clinical outcomes, for research purposes, and to describe the patterns and extent of hand activity performance in people with RA in the UK.

You can download the questionnaire through this link. Please note below the Copyright information.

Copyright: For commercial use, electronic copy or queries, contact the lead author: No part of the MAP-Hand orMAP-Hand instructions can be modified without prior permission of the lead author.



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