Fibromyalgia Self-Management Programme


Fibromyalgia Self-Management Programme [FAMe] is a group programme, designed and developed by Dr Yeliz Prior, using the existing evidence-base and extensive Patient Public Research Involvement and Engagement (PPIE). It is a 6-week long Occupational Therapy-led programme, using the theoretical principals of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Motivational Interviewing (MI) and it consist of 2.5 hrs long sessions/ per week to include:

  • Assessment and goal setting for individual participants
  • Education on self-management of symptoms such as pain, fatigue, mood and dyscognition
  • Peer support
  • Targeted, individual Physiotherapy
  • Mindfulness for self-management


Currently, the FAMe programme is only available via the rheumatology department at the Mid Cheshire NHS Trust Foundation Hospitals, where Dr Prior practices as an Advanced Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist. However, we have developed a FAMe Programme Leaders’ Training Manual and  2-Days Training Programme for Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists working in rheumatology to increase wider access to the delivery of this programme.

If you are a rheumatology practitioner interested in the training and the delivery of this programme to people with Fibromyalgia, please contact us using the form below to discuss your needs. 

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Currently we are working on developing online resources, freely accessible for people with Fibromyalgia via the Please bear with us. Meanwhile, please find below some useful links for further information about how to self-manage your symptoms:

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You can also register with the MSKHUB to use online self-assessments to gain a better understanding of the range and severity of your symptoms and access to tailored online self-care advice.  You will be able to download the results of your self-assessments to share these with your health and social care providers to demonstrate the impact of Fibromyalgia on your health and wellbeing, using valid and reliable Patient Reported Outcome Measures. We recommend that you fill in these assessments frequently  [4-weekly] by visiting the MSKHUB to build a trajectory of the impact of Fibromyalgia on your daily life. Prior to registration, please read our GDPR Policy and the GDPR Checklist to understand how we use and store your data. So you can make an informed decision.

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