The MSKHUB will provide you with the opportunity to engage in shared decision making for your needs, co-partnership with health care professionals, and most importantly the social support through engagement in groups where people with rheumatic and MSK conditions share their experiences. We know that this is of great consequence for people with MSK conditions as research suggests that people who have limited social contact are at increased risk of disability.

Engagement in an online community could help to support self-management of MSK conditions, help to sustain independence as you age, reducing the need for healthcare consultation. For this purpose, we have created a closed Facebook group, which you can access using your own Facebook account to share your experiences with others who may be experiencing similar problems, to build a support network. You can access to our Facebook group through here . We also have a Twitter account you can follow and interact to express your views and share useful information with others. You can follow us on here. Our Social Media sites are closely monitored and managed to ensure your safety and to join the closed Facebook group, you will need to agree to keep all discussions confidential and be respectful of other’s views. If you would like to remain anonymous, we recommend you to create a new account with a nickname using an alternative email address.


In addition to the Social Media sites, you will also have the opportunity to share your experiences through contributing to the blogs on the MSKHUB and engaging with our NEWS feed. So, for example if you would like to share information about a local support group or an upcoming seminar which you think may be of interest to others, please contact us to discuss this. We are keen to involve you in the content generation of the MSKHUB and look forward to hearing your ideas as to how we can inform this online platform to better suit your needs.